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I’m Jude. I live in a rainy corner of the UK. I’ve reached my mid-forties, which is kind of dispiriting, especially with all that rain.

On the positive side, I work happily in education, play at silversmithing, read a lot of books in the bath and date an excellent American man. Thank you, USA, for inventing the emotionally literate male.

Welcome to my world – or the bit of it where, as women have done for all of history, I worry that I’m a bit too fat, yet become distracted by every passing fancy. I’m hoping that I’m not alone as I try to ditch the ten pounds that keep me from being a bit more elegant. I find losing weight hard work, but accountability and support make a big difference.

The photos are all my own handiwork, except the Angel Delight one. I am too lazy actually to buy some, whip it up, leave it to set and serve it prettily just to make an illustration. And it’s quite fattening.

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